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BRIDGETT "Baby Doll" RILEY, Actor, Boxer, and Stunt Woman



Please Welcome Bridgett

Female boxer and motion picture stuntwoman from Oakville, Missouri. While working as an airline attendant, she decided to learn martial arts. 

Bridgett appeared in the mid 90's television series WMAC Masters, Triple Impact as a boxer in Million Dollar Baby.

In addition to her own acting, she has performed as the stunt double for other actresses. Such as the double for the Yellow Ranger in early Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episodes and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.[5] She doubled for Halle Berry in Catwoman, Malin Akermanin Watchmen, Summer Glau in Serenity,

Bridgett who is a 5 time MMA Champion has most excitedly capatured our hearts for her role as  stunt woman for Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond and the amazing stunt work in Dollhouse. 

SCOTT L. SCHWARTZ "AKA The Ultimate Bad Guy", Actor, Pro-Wrestler, Stunt Man


While wrestling on tour Scott was approached by an acting agent after seeing his wrestling on television, the agent said Scott should take his skills into the arts. At first, Schwartz was reluctant to change careers, wanting to retire as a wrestler but gave it a try.

Due to his look, size, agility, and ability to handle dialogue, he has been able to obtain roles as the "bad guy" in many films and television projects. He is known for his work in such films and TV shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, and The Scorpion King,  among others.

Scott  is probably most recognized for his role as 'Bruiser' in the films Ocean's Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen. He has appeared in such big budget films as Spider-Man, Fire Down Below, Starsky & Hutch, and Fun with Dick and Jane.

Scott has truly become the ULTIMATE TV THUG   and coming in just under 7 ft you will know when our "Thug" has entered the room.

Please welcome Scott Schwartz

CRAIG SKAGGS, Lucasfilm Artist, Cover Artist and Designer


 Craig began his full-time freelance career back in the early 1990s working for advertising agencies and publishers of teaching material. Soon, he was hand picked by Lucasfilm to illustrate licensed Star Wars art for Brown Shoe Co. when they were re-releasing episodes 4, 5, and 6 of the saga with new special effects.

Craig has designed toys and products for over 30 companies, done illustrations for several magazines, games, comics, children’s books and journal publishers.

 Currently, Craig is a medical illustrator for the Journal of Allergy and Immunology, a cover artist for Altered Creatures Publications, and is an official artist for Lucasfilm doing fine art for ACME Archives and Dark Ink Art. 

WYATT WEED, Actor, Director, Special Effects Artist and Writer



Moving from his hometown of Springfield, Illinois to St. Louis in 1980, Weed attended Webster University for film production, Meramec College for still photography, and Southern Illinois University for acting. He dabbled in American Cablevision's "public access" opportunities, introducing him to the growing field of video as well as live television. After a string of short film and video projects, Wyatt landed his first film job in 1986 on the St. Louis portion of the Taylor Hackford-directed HAIL, HAIL, ROCK AND ROLL. 

Longing for bigger and better opportunities, Wyatt took the trek west to Los Angeles in 1988 and soon found himself working (and acting) as a jack of all trades in a variety of television shows and feature films, including FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, STAR TREK: VOYAGER, LORD OF ILLUSIONS, JAY-JAY THE JET PLANE, MUPPETS FROM SPACE, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2, and RED PLANET. His major acting roles were as a predator from PREDATOR 2, and a small featured role on the STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION season 3 episode "THE HIGH GROUND". 

Wyatt soon moved from acting, building miniatures and art department work into second unit directing and visual effect supervision on the features KUNG FU RASCALS, GUYVER: DARK HERO, and DRIVE. He also directed STAR RUNNERS, a science fiction television pilot. The pilot was purchased by Universal but unfortunately was never aired.

After working on Ted Smith's horror film GUARDIAN OF THE REALM, Wyatt returned to St. Louis permanently and joined Robert Clark's company Pirate Pictures, writing and directing the short films TIMELINE, GREEN THUMB, the Star Wars-themed TRINITY, the music videos RECAP and TURNTABLE, and the award-winning 48 Hour Film Projects BAG OF TRICKS and LOVE BYTES. He has also directed the feature films SHADOWLAND, a vampire thriller, and FOUR COLOR EULOGY, a dramedy. Wyatt recently completed work on THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, an epic Batman fan film that has been a passion project for 30  years.  



 Lauren and Ethan of Thousand Faces Cosplay put the 'play' in cosplay with an emphasis on bringing their characters to life.

How you ask?

 Through performance and bodybuilding, they strive to recreate their beloved characters as much as possible, from imitating voices and memorizing lines for Krieg and Tiny Tina to packing on muscle and growing a full beard for Kratos, they do it. 

Guess what?  That's not the best part.

Through their print sales, they raise money for animal focused charities, like Tenth Life Cat Shelter, the Endangered Wolf Sanctuary, and currently Crowne Ridge Tiger Sanctuary. 

Come check what characters will come to life, learn how to put the details in a cosplay, and try your best at the costume contest with our judges!